Why Choose a Local Utah Real Estate Agent Over a National Company

If you’ve driven down a busy freeway or listened to the radio any time in the last two years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen advertising for Homie or other national real estate agencies. These kind of companies offer a very different service from your local, Utah County real estate agent. They do have advantages over traditional agencies; however, there are also several drawbacks as well.

National Provider Vs Local Agent Price Comparison

Finding a lower price is the main reason most sellers would chose a big box company over a local provider. There are very few local companies that will consider charging less than 3% to both the buyer and seller on a particular transaction.

Low pricing is where the national companies have built their business. They are willing to list and sell a property for around $1500. However, its very important to remember with the lower cost service, there is going to be very few hours spent on your project. When the big national companies charge the flat fee, they are pretty much just listing your property in the MLS and adding it to their website. If you need help getting pictures taken of the property, expertise filling out the contracts, or an advocate to make sure you don’t get burned that price is going to go up FAST.


Wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both worlds? I know that’s what I was looking for when trying to find the best Utah County real estate Agent to sell our home. I was hoping I could find an outfit that would be willing to give me a great deal while also providing a top rate service. As you can read from our CEO’s testimonial on our homepage, that is the exact reason we started W² Realtors.

We are obviously partial to our service, but we’re confident we offer a better cost to value ratio to any other agency in Utah. Our recommendation is to schedule a time when we can do a free consultation and walk you through what makes W² different from the other companies.

Market Exposure Between National & Local Companies

One of the nice things about engaging with some of the larger companies is you get a listing on their website. However, I’ll bet you didn’t know you can get that free listing even if you don’t sign with them. Besides the website listing, the national companies offer pretty much zero additional marketing services. This is obviously because they have tens of thousands of clients, and don’t have the bandwidth to provide custom promotional services.


We think getting a free listing on as many websites as possible is the way to go. When I sold my property, I created a profile on several national and local sites. The funny thing is the highest priced offer we ended up getting came from one of the smaller, Utah County marketplaces.

At W² Realtors we offer a whole lot more than just a featured listing on our website. We have a full property marketing program we run for all customers. Engaging in social adds, search marketing, and print advertising has given our clients a level of visibility they could never get with the national brands.

Generating extensive exposure for your listing is one of the big things that separates W² from the other Utah property agents. We have years and years of experience using the internet to promote companies. We’ve seen that if done correctly, our property marketing service will help to find the highest priced offer.

Service Differences Between Local & National

This is an area where it isn’t even close. When you work with a big box company, you are going to be very small fish in a very large sea. These agencies have so many clients, it is almost impossible to offer a custom, tailored service.

Unless you have a lot of experience in real estate, not having the support of a great agent can land you in all kinds of trouble. When you think about it, most people only purchase one or two homes in their lifetime. They have no experience with complex, important contracts or a background in business law. In this scenario, there’s no way the large company can offer all of the attention a customer deserves.

When you work with a discount, national brand the lower prices are going to bring fewer services. There is going to be no one on the end of the line if something goes wrong with one of the subcontracts, lenders, or anyone else you work with when buying a property.

The other thing that can be extremely important and very complicated is the mass amount of paper work and contracts you have to be familiar with when buying or selling a home. There’s no way you are going to get custom legal expertise unless you pay for the extra service with the larger businesses.


We recommend finding a company that is hungry for your business. Try to find an agent that will do anything to make sure you make the best decision as possible for your family. Find a company that has a wide range of skills that will provide the most value as possible.

Again, we are obviously partial to the product we offer, but we have our clients completely covered when it comes to service & availability. We recommend scheduling an appointment where we can give you an exact quote and discuss our tactics for finding the perfect home for your family.


I will always be thankful for the agent I used when I bought my first house. He helped make sure we found the right situation for our young family. We ran into some serious problems with the building trying to cut costs on our project. Our agent went to bat for us, and made sure we didn’t get burned. Working with this agent was one of the major reasons why we decided to start our Utah Count real estate agency.

W2 Realtors is willing to fight for your business. We will not only match the local companies, but are willing to offer the same pricing as the national agencies. If you are interested in finding the best properties or generating the most interest in your home, check why you should select W² Realtors.






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