What You Should Know About Going Solar

As more and more Americans are adding solar panels to their homes, the question arises as to why?

Solar has been around since the late 1960’s yet is trending more in mainstream today than ever before. Companies like Tesla, ran by Elon Musk, have helped spread the information and education as to why solar is important to not only the environment but also your bank account. Through rise of zero cost solar programs and competitive pricing of new solar technology, this sun ran power plant on your roof has expanded to more than 1.5 million Americans.

Why are homes adding solar?

Save Money

The first reason is to go solar more most people is to save money in the long run. By going solar, not only are you reducing your overall carbon footprint and helping out the environment, you get to save that green in your wallet by reducing your electricity needs. When you add solar to your home, you are producing clean, renewable energy at a fraction of what the utility sells to you. Homes with solar are more conscious of their energy use. Homeowners with solar watch their energy usage more closely with the use of the technology that comes with the solar system. All this results in savings back to you annually.

Control Rising Utility Costs

The second reason for going solar is to help control your rising costs of electricity and become less reliant upon the utility company. With the cost of you utility company rising every year, switching to solar on your home helps control those cost while making your electricity bill predictable. In the near future with solar battery storage, it might be a real possibility to leave your utility behind and become energy independent.

Increase Home Value

The third reason is to help increase your homes overall value. There are solar programs that exist that allow you to build wealth while switching to solar. It’s becoming more common that solar companies offer programs for solar ownership through financing and/or outright purchase. By owning your solar system you add equity in your home’s value and you are able to take advantage of the current solar federal tax credit of 30% of the system’s cost. The savings you will achieve on an annual basis allows you to take those savings and reinvest in your home, savings account, and your college or retirement fund.

Technology Improvements

The fourth reason is technology. Right now with the installation and hardware cost trending downwards while efficiency of the panels is improving every year, allowing people to go solar who have never thought about doing it prior. When more people can afford this growing technology, the more people will switch to producing their own clean and renewable energy. No longer is solar an emerging technology that is inaccessible to the average homeowner. There are programs and installers in every major city.


There are many reasons as why your friends, family, and neighbors have added solar panels to their homes. These are the top reasons from our clientele as to why they have gone solar: Saving green, controlling their energy costs, increasing your homes equity, and finally technology advancements.

With all the sun that the Southwest and West receives the states here are leading the way. It’s important to work with a realtor that is familiar with solar homes to correctly price the home when selling or steer you to the right solar program if purchase is not an option.