What to Look for In a Utah County Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes. Some target the wealthy with zero flexibility when it comes to commission rate negotiation. Others are happy to pick up a client no matter what their credit history or ability to secure a loan. Some are honest, and will disclose the facts even when they aren’t in their favor. Others lack ethics all together, and will tell the customer anything as long as they secure the commission. These types of agents are fast talking, smooth characters that have no interest doing what’s right.

How can you tell if the agency you hired really has your best interest at heart? How can you tell if they have the skillset and personality needed to make the best possible recommendations for your family? Below are 5 character traits to look for when searching for the best Utah County real estate agent.

1. Honesty & Integrity

We put honesty & integrity in the first position for a reason. This is bar none the most important personality trait of a great real estate agent. Rather if you believe it or not, there have been a ton of dishonest salesmen/saleswomen this the industry. They take advantage of their clients trust, and search for situations that benefits them rather than the customer.

There is nothing worst that putting trust in a person that doesn’t really have your back . I have heard countless stories of shady real estate agents.

Imagine you are tying to sell your home, and a family makes an offer.  They have done their research, and try to negotiate a deal with 2 rather than 3 percent commission. Imagine if your agent heard he/she would be making 1% less than the standard rate, and decides to ignore the offer. This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME. These agents are more concerned about their cut of a deal than their customers well being.

2. Problem Solver

Finding the right house for a family can be very difficult. Many times people with a 300K budget want and expect the size and quality of home that costs 450K. This is obviously outside the realm reality. These are the kinds of situations where the agent needs to come up with a creative solution.

If you’re going to make your career in the real estate industry, you need to be problem solvers at heart. It’s important to work with the client and identify the most important features of a home. Some times it’s the location of the property. Other times, it the number of square feet. To tell you the truth, no situation is the same. Good real estate agents are able to quantify all of this information and locate houses that will be the right fit for their client.

3. Attention to Detail

Buying or selling a home is the largest transaction of most people’s lives. Unless you’ve done it, you wouldn’t believe how much paper work is involved. There are several different businesses you need to work with to get everything buttoned up. Everyone from the title company to the appraiser, and from the loan office to the real estate agent has a robust contract to sign. Keep in mind these, aren’t small documents, and all of them are important.

Seeing how the typical buyer or seller has completed less than 3 of these types of deals in a lifetime, it’s fair to say they aren’t very familiar with the paperwork. If there’s a problem with how the title is conveyed or elements missing in the contract, it can cause massive problems.

Keeping track of all the documents filing them correctly can be really tricky. Having an agent that is familiar with everything and pays attention to detail is an absolute must.

4. Experience in Architecture & Design

I can speak about this characteristic with first hand experience. After I’d been in my career for about 6 years, we were able to save enough money to build a new house. At first, this sounded like a fun project that my wife and I could do together. Only after we got started did we to feel the pressure about making sure everything matched and had the feeling we were going for.

You wouldn’t believe how many decisions need to be made when you design a house from scratch. Everything from the color of grout to the fixtures can be customized. Seeing how we were paying a lot of money for this house, we wanted to make sure everything came out perfect.

The builder did have a design center with a few employees that were supposed to give us council. While I’m sure these people had good intentions, we found their recommendations to be weak and outdated.

Looking back, this is where having a good real estate agent came in really handy. You could tell he had a good eye for design and style. In the end, his advice and opinion was much more valuable than the ladies that worked at the center.

5. Self-Motivated Entrepreneur

Having the motivation to jump out of bed each day and put in a full 10 hours when their’s no boss to manage your performance isn’t something everyone can do. Being a self-starter that will do whatever it takes to be successful is definitely a characteristic of top Utah County real estate agents.

When you hire an outfit to sell your property, you want someone who’s going to go the extra mile. You want a bulldog that will beat the bushes and try creative forms of marketing to drive as much attention to your listing as possible.


W² Realtors is changing the Utah County real estate industry. We like to thing we have all 5 of the character traits listed in the blog post. If you are considering buying or selling a property, give us a chance to win your business. Give us a call or request a consultation where we can discuss your housing goals. We also want to show you want our property marketing program looks like in action.