Utah County Flat Fee Real Estate Agents

Seeing how we just launched our W² Realtors Flat Fee Promotion, I thought we would give a little more information about this purchasing tactic. Buying or selling property with a flat fee refers to an a la carte service agreement with a real estate broker who accepts this form of compensation rather than a standard commission. When you purchase property in this way, there are usually far less bells and whistles.

History of Flat Fee Purchasing

Traditionally, when you engaged with a real estate agency it included a bundle of service. Only with the dawn of the internet did companies start to look for other options. Large businesses like Homie, OpenDoor, and RedFin entered the market with a much different business model than the local agents and brokers. They had the idea to go for poor quality service with low margins rather than great service with standard commissions.

Before the availability of information with the internet, people had a much more difficult time learning how to complete technical contracts, offers, and other documents. Now, if you have the time and background, you can learn how to process the necessary components to purchase a property.

Traditional Flat Fee Services

Buying or selling property requires working with licensed individuals. If you’re selling a home, its critical to list it in the Utah MLS. That’s where agents representing buyers look up homes that fit their clients’ purchasing criteria. The only way to submit a home to the local MLS is through a broker.

If you’re on the purchasing side of things, you also have to work through a licensed broker. That’s the only way to submit a valid purchasing offer and close on a piece of property.

When you’re working with most agents and brokers that deal with the flat fee option, processing the purchase and/or submitting the listing is all you’re going to get. If you need help filling out the paperwork, advice on what property fits your needs, or any other support, it’s going to cost you extra. That’s why this option is only recommend for seasoned investors or savvy individuals that don’t mind doing some extensive research.

What’s Different About W² Realtors Flat Fee Promotion

Seeing how we are the new kids on the block, we wanted to offer something special. We’re bundling our full suite of services with the flat fee. That means you’re going to be able to take advantage of the following add-ons for free.

  • Property Marketing Program – Here at W² Realtors, we have extensive experience in digital marketing. We’re using this knowledge to build the largest Utah marketplace. That means our clients’ featured listings will be getting lots of extra looks. The other part of our promotion is social media advertising. When you sign on with us, we will build and run custom marketing campaigns across Facebook and the other networks. This has been proven extremely effective for finding qualified buyers.
  • 24/7 Agent Availability – This is something we haven’t seen in the Utah real estate industry. When you engage with W² Realtors, we provide our agents’ personal cell phone numbers. We will be available to answer any questions or solve any problems at any time of the day or night. This is a level of service you won’t get even if you’re paying the full, standard rate.
  • Unlimited Property Showings – When you engage with us, we are in it for the long hall. We will be relentless to make sure we are successful in completing your real estate goals. One of our W² agents will be available for unlimited showings until you either find the right buyer or close on the perfect property.
  • Legal Expertise – We pride ourselves in having a diverse set of skills. Working and becoming experts in other industries is one of the things that separate W² Realtors from other Utah real estate agencies. When you work with us, our legal experts will review and double check all paperwork and contracts. This will ensure all technical documents are processed and filed correctly.
  • Fighting Partners – When you buy or sell a home, there are a large number of parties that have a steak in the deal. There’s a chance one of the  builders, contractors, title agents, or financial institutions might try to do you wrong. When you engage with W² Realtors, we are here to fight for our clients. If there is an issue, always know we have your back and will fight to make things right.

W² Realtors is going to take over the local real estate industry. We are going to work hard, and provide a great service to all our clients. If you’d like to learn how our Utah County real estate agents can help you fulfill your investment goals, please give us a call today!