Should You List Your Home Before You Search/make An Offer On Another Home?

Should You List Your Home Before You Search/make An Offer On Another Home? Of course every situation is different but if you approach it from a purely financial aspect, this is surely something to consider.  The vast majority of the time, emotion plays a huge role in the purchase of a personal home. 

Taking the Emotion Out of itSay you make an offer on a home that is listed for $200,000.00. In order to have a chance of the seller excepting your offer contingent on the sale of yours, you more than likely will need to offer full or close to full list price. Where as someone else that does not have to ask for that contingency may be able to get them to accept an offer $5,000-$10,000 less. Then, just say they do accept your offer, you are now in a pinch and need to sell your home quickly to make sure you don’t lose your dream home that you are now in contract on. So… you price your home for quick sale at say, $10,000.00 less than you would otherwise.

Yes, you avoided the possibility of having to move twice but you just potentially lost $20,000.00! Food for thought! 

Author BioRhonda Crum is a licensed Real Estate Agent and owner of The Crum Group-Red 1 Realty branch office in Sunbury, Ohio. If you are looking for a knowledgeable realtor in and around the Delaware County area, please visit The Crum Group- Red 1 Realty website.  Rhonda is a member of BuildMyAgent, the fastest growing real estate marketing network.