My Utah County Real Estate Experience

When I finished getting my degree from UVU I was pretty naive as to the ways of the world. I had never gotten a lone for a car, education, or pretty much anything else. I was extremely intimidate about getting into debt, especially seeing how I had hardly any money in my bank account at that point.

Luckily, I had been working as an intern for a digital marketing company, learning the trade of SEO. This little bit of experience gave me the background needed to get an ok paying, salary job at one of the local marketing agencies.

At the same time as getting in my career, I was dating the love of my life. Unlike me, she had a background in finance and was very experience in the ways of making smart investments.

She had two young boys that would be making a ready made family after we tied the knot. I was worried supporting this young arrangement, with a humble salary, would be very difficult.

I thought we should find a small apartment until we were able to raise the funds for our own place.

After looking at a few 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment my wife said “we should start looking for our own place”. At first, I was appalled at her recommendation. I didn’t think we made near enough money to pay for that kind of investment. Seeing how your wife is alway right, I agreed to start looking around at possible options.

Bless my beautiful wife, getting into our first townhouse was one of the best decisions we ever made. If we would have rented an apartment, it would have cost around $800 a month. After we got an FHA loan with an ok interest rate, our payments came out to around $1200 month.

Little did we know, this purchase would be a fantastic investment. At the time, the townhouse cost 170K. Now, 10 years later, it is worth around $225K.

I think the lesson to be learned in this story is real estate is almost always a good investment. We got a little bit lucky to buy when the market was low; however, even if you buy at a high point, real estate always corrects.

Our goal here at W² Realtors is to help families find a great home for their family that will become a fantastic investment. We do a lot of extra little things that help our clients either sell their Utah County property or locate the perfect home. If you’re considering pulling the trigger on your first house or apartment, let’s talk it over. Shoot us an email at jonathan@W2Realtors or call (208) 709-6042 to schedule a free consultation today!