3 Reasons We Started W² Realtors

We get asked all the time why we started W² Realtors. There’s a ton of competition in the Utah real estate industry, and big, national companies taking a lot of the market share. With it being so difficult to get established, why would we want to work in this space. The simple answer to the question is we think we can offer a much better service at a lower price than other agencies.

When Michelle, the CEO of W² Realtors, was buying her first investment properties she encountered some super shady agents. They wouldn’t show several the properties she was interested in because the home owner wasn’t offering as large of a commission as others. This gave her a glimpse of the selfishness and dishonesty that runs rampant in the Utah real estate industry. She couldn’t believe these agents were only looking out for themselves, and had no interest in doing what was right for their principles.

The other big thing Michelle noticed when working with several selling agents is they would never consider providing great service to customers offering less than the standard 3% commission rate. This is where she got the idea of the W² Realtors low price guarantee. She wanted a system in place that would ensure our clients got the best service for the lowest price.

My experience working with Utah real estate agents is different from my sister’s. I’ve only had the chance to buy two properties, but the agents were excellent on both occasions. This probably has a lot to do with me paying the full 3% both times, but I was still impressed with the realtors.

Working with people that truly cared about our real estate purchasing experience inspired me to become a Utah real estate agent. I love helping families find their dream home. I also love using my marketing background to find the highest priced buyer for our clients.

If you are looking for a real estate agency that will do anything to make sure you have a great real estate experience, please give us a call. We will use our background in digital marketing and legal expertise to make sure you get the highest price for your property or find the perfect home for your family.