2 Things That Surprised Me in My First Few Weeks as an Agent

No matter what anyone says, getting your real estate license is a long and difficult process. I pretty much dedicated myself full-time for two months to get through the course material, and study for the test. With so much time being locked in your house with your head in a book, it’s hard to imagine what being an active real estate agent would be like.

I’m still very new to the industry, but feel like I’m a pretty fast learner. Below are the 3 most interesting things I learned about the real estate industry over the last few months.

Not All Real Estate Agents are Nice

Maybe I was naive to the day to day life of a real estate agent. I’ve worked in the tech industry over the last 10 years. Pretty much everyone you meet at your office or other companies is friendly and gracious. All I have to say is its not that way when you’re dealing with other realtors.

The day after I got my license I had the bright idea to run a Facebook campaign. I’m very familiar with the platform seeing how I used it at my other jobs. I spent the time to design a nice image. Worked hard to construct some clean messaging, and make the ad live. It wasn’t more than 20 minutes before I had the first real estate agent giving me grief. He wasn’t happy that I was trying to run a flat fee promotion to generate some new business. By the end of the day, there were 4 or 5 realtors that were trolling my campaign.


To tell you the truth, I was a little upset at first. When I saw there were comments on my ad, I thought maybe this real estate thing isn’t that tough. Little did I know it was actually the competition depleting my budget and being jerks.

If you’re a new agent, don’t get sucked into the BS. There are always going to be haters out their trying to bring you down. When they see someone else with a good idea, its much easier to be nasty than gracious. No matter what, keep your head up and keep pushing forward. That’s the only way you’re going to be successful in the industry.

Not All Utah Real Estate Agents are Looking Out for Their Clients Well-being

I’ve only been involved in one transaction since I started in real estate, but I’ve already seen a few shady agents. When you’re working to get your license, there is a ton of education that goes over ethics & client responsibilities. There’s also a healthy amount of information that talks about the consequences if you don’t follow all of the rules. That being the case, I was surprised to see agents putting their interests ahead of their clients.


Don’t worry about what other agents are doing. If they aren’t taking care of their clients, it will catch up to them in the long-run. Just make sure you are offering the best service possible and helping people make decisions that will make them happy for years to come.


The real estate industry is a competitive space where agents are willing to do whatever it takes to win. No matter the situation, never do the wrong thing even if it means losing a deal.

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